Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shame On You Target

This morning I took a quick trip to my neighborhood Target to pick up a box of cereal for my breakfast at work. As I walked through the clearance aisles, I came across a bunch of plain Kix cereal boxes and realized that they weren't priced for clearance so I picked one up and walked over to one of the nearest scanners. As I attempted to scan the box the price kept coming up as $0.00. I asked one of the associates if she knew what the price was and she asked me where I got it. I told her that there were a bunch of them on the clearance rack. She then told me that she couldn't sell it to me because after several markdowns the price comes up at 0.00 and that means that it is due to be disposed of. I asked her if they were going to throw them out and she said yes and that at that point she would have to take them off the shelves. I asked her if they would consider giving them to a homeless shelter or a food bank and she told me that they don't donate any food items because of legal and liability issues. At that point I became really sad inside. I couldn't believe that a perfectly good box of food, especially in these economic times, would be discarded. In a country of such abundance we are so wasteful and obnoxious. She told me that I didn't know the half of it. She told me they don't even let the employees take the food home. When I got to work I did a quick search on companies and their policies regarding food and almost all large companies have the same way of dealing with food. It is absolutely disgraceful. It really makes me think about our priorities as a country. We seem to be more concerned with a lawsuit than the well being of our people. Target--I'm not happy with you. I buy so many things there including my medication. I may have to reconsider my buying options. What an absolute let down.

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