Friday, July 31, 2009

I Find Peace

I watch the Food Network religiously. It's the first channel I turn to when I turn the television on. I love Giada and Ina and Bobby Flay the most but I can certainly watch and enjoy The Neelys and Guy's Big Bite without a problem. Who don't I like on the Food Network? What's the name of that heavy set girl who laughs at her own jokes with the wig on and extra wide load from the waist down? Ah, yes! Sonny! Blech! I have tried to watch and she just keeps laughing and talking to God knows who. Giada and Ina and Bobby--they speak to me. And they tell me how to prepare and cook the food and what extra utensils I should have. Not Sonny--she's speaking and I'm just not feeling her. What is it about her that just doesn't register with me? I apologize to all those who like her. I promise I've tried; I can't!

Now, like I was saying before Sonny took over my mind, I find peace and relaxation watching the Food Network. I dvr the episodes and can spend an entire afternoon watching episode after episode and feeling completely zen. I enjoy the beautiful colors of Giada's kitchen and I covet Ina's kitchen and home in the Hamptons. One day I say--One Day!

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