Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Activities

On Saturday, after the first soccer game of the season, we decided that we'd spend the day doing something relaxing yet that we all loved. So we headed up to Warwick, NY. We go every year around this time. We decided to pass by the apple orchard and the dairy farm we love so much. We didn't do any apple picking but we did eat some apples. Shhh! But I do think you are allowed to eat as many as you want while you're there but I suppose they expect to buy a bag while your at it. So we cheated a bit! We ate some apples and then the kids climbed a tree and we fed the petting zoo animals some grass. Afterwards, we headed to the dairy farm where we took pictures of the beautiful cows. They are so gorgeous. One day when I finally have my farm in Montana I will have some of these beautiful creatures and I will be so happy. My husband thinks I'm nuts (mostly) but I believe I have him slowly turning my way. Anyway, so we finally ended up at The Iron Forge Inn. It is a 1700's house turned into a restaurant with an awesome Tap Room that serves really great food and it always has a fire burning this time of year. The smell of that wood and the coziness of the room is so relaxing. We had a wonderful, quiet and relaxing day. We'll be going back soon enough and I can't wait.

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