Monday, September 14, 2009

Life Moves Fast

The kids have been back at school about a week and a half now. We are finally starting to settle in with the daily schedules and the evening activities and practices. So far so good. Before we know it the holidays will once again be upon us. It's been a tough year for many and I can only hope that the holidays will remind us of what we're really supposed to be thankful for. We tend to forget what's really important and I'm determined to continue to be mindful regardless of our situation whether financial or whatever. I believe most things happen for a reason and I have decided that nothing is more important than having a loving and close family and realizing that there's more to life than big houses, luxury cars and the Jones'. It's been one hell of a wake up call for many and I believe the universe is sending us a message. Snap out of it! Wake up and stop spoiling your kids and buying your happiness. Life is meant to be enjoyed and most of us tend to walk through life numb. Before we know it our children have grown up and we've missed it. I say we get back to what really makes us happy--Family and Friends and let's not forget Simplicity!

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Maria V said...

I agree with you 100%! Well said!