Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting Back on Track

I'm trying to get back on track lately. I've been busy with the kids and their after school activities and by the time I get around to going online and updating I'm too tired and have no thoughts left to write about. I hope to be a little more enthusiastic about this as the week progresses. I've also been feeling a bit dysphoric. Just not myself. My thyroid has the tendency to mess with me in the worst way. Sometimes its pain all over and other times it's fatigue that leaves me not wanting to do anything. I'm trying to go gluten free again but it hasn't been the easiest task. When I do start, I usually end up hungry and anxious, but I guess I have to give it more time. The thing is that I also enjoy cooking new meals and I'd hate to miss out on a new dish. I have to make the sacrifice, though. I need to feel better.

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