Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas wish list this year is easy:

1. I wish my daughter finds her voice and her self confidence and loses the social anxiety soon.
2. I wish my husband gets his ideal business venture started and is happy and satisfied.
3. I wish for my sister to be able to pay the outrageous amount of loan money for her schooling back easily.
4. I wish my job is always a successful business and that it is profitable for my boss and his clients (basically, so I'll always have a job!)
5. I wish for world peace and a stop to global warming.
6. I wish for happiness and financial stability for my mom and dad, as well as, every other person out there who is struggling.
7. I wish for an end to this crazy autism EPIDEMIC that has taken over.
8. I wish for tranquility and sanity for all my friends who have had a rough year.
9. I wish for simplicity
10. And last but not least I wish for a bottle of Black Truffle Oil and a French baguette from Fairway Market because Holy Crap is that good!

1 comment:

Maria V said...

I love #8 thank you for wishing good on us, I need it, It has been a rough year for me with the kids. I pray 2010 brings us all good things. You know you guys are always in my thoughts. Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year!