Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, today is officially the last day of my vacation. After this weekend I return to work on Monday morning as usual. I'm kinda sad about it but not because I don't like my job (I really like my job and co-workers) but because I'm gonna miss being home with my husband and kids. I really love being with them. I enjoy our hours spent together watching movies, reading books and taking walks. We do everything together. I'm one of those moms you see who takes her children everywhere with her. We go grocery shopping and clothes shopping and we even go to the laundromat together to wash those monsterous quilts that don't fit in my washing machine. Life goes by very fast and I don't want to miss a minute. Don't get me wrong, I get frustrated and upset with my kids just like everyone else but I remind myself that they are only little once. I need to enjoy them now before they start off on their own lives. I'm sure it won't be long before then.
Today we went to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. We got a pass from our local library that allows you to visit the museum for free. It was a lot of fun but the kids did get tired pretty quickly due to all the walking as did my husband. We were all pretty pooped out by days end. We took the bus into the city and getting there seemed to take forever. The weather was very nice so walking back to Port Authority wasn't so bad. We walked from 79th street all the way back to 41st. It was a lot of walking. New York City blocks are very long. We did stop into The Shops at Columbus Circle to look around. I always love shopping even if it's just window shopping. We had a great day and my vacation has worked out pretty nicely so far. We probably won't do much tomorrow and just get some rest but Sunday may be a beach day. Maybe I can start on those things I've been pushing off tomorrow. We'll see. I'm enjoying this time off quite a bit.

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