Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tonight as we were sitting around the living room watching tv and playing a board game my daughter came up to me and says very matter of factly, "Mom, I think you should give my brother some Motrin?" So I ask her why wondering if he is in pain. She says, "He needs it so he can fall asleep and not bother me so I can sleep in peace." My husband looks at me and just laughs. I tell her Motrin doesn't help you sleep but she's convinced it does. So I should sedate my son with some Motrin so he won't talk my daughter's ear off as they're trying to go off to sleep. My daughter is one funny kid!
P.S. She's getting her surgery tomorrow and I'm sure she's worried. I feel so bad about this because I know she thinks it's her fault because she may not be doing a good enough job at brushing. It's not her fault but maybe I should run with it so she takes really good care of her teeth.

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