Saturday, November 14, 2009

All Better

Well, we are finally all better. It's been a couple of days since I last wrote and now I'm back and feeling well again. I've been in kind of a funk, though, lately. Kind of moody and down. I don't enjoy feeling this way. I'm hoping to overcome it soon. I am looking forward to the holidays, though. I can't wait to start decorating. My husband says it's too early but I told him that at the sight of the first set of Christmas lights somewhere in town it would be over and I'd start decorating. Actually, we always put up the tree and decorations on Thanksgiving day but I really wouldn't mind doing it already. It's Saturday and we've been cleaning and throwing stuff away all day. We've been cleaning out the attic and I've been stacking things on the side to sell on Ebay. Gotta make a little extra cash for the holidays and what better way than getting rid of the stuff we didn't even know we had. One person's trash is another one's treasure! I'm gonna go have some coffee now.

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