Friday, November 6, 2009

I Love Christmas

I love Christmas. Since I was a kid, Christmas has been the only holiday that really makes a difference in my life. I look forward to it, regardless, of how my year has gone and what has happened in my life. And it's not about the presents, that's for sure. It has something to do with the feel of the season and what it represents. I love it so much that just thinking about it makes me giddy (like a child). I look forward to putting up the tree and the decorations and waiting on that special morning where my children's hearts are filled with anxiety and happiness and they can't stop smiling. It's a beautiful thing. It really is. This holiday season may not be as extravagant (not that it has ever been) as other years but I can tell you that I plan to make it a very special one for my family.

P.S. I am also very much looking forward to seeing this movie. Looks like it will be fun.

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